A new investment in Wrocław

A new commercial services building will be created on Wróblewskiego Street in Wrocław, developed by ZPO Otis LLC.

In 2011, an investor – the ZPO Otis company – bought a building plot for 14.5 million PLN. It is located on Wróblewskiego Street, with a very good exposition on  Pułaskiego and Traugutta streets. The company is planning to develop building of a customer service and clerical type, with the usable area of 20.000 to 25.000 sq. m. and 4-6 storeys.

ZPO Otis has announced a a real estate development plan competition. The crucial aspect of the investment is that the plot is located in the area subject to the City Spatial Development Plan. The competition was officially launched on February 11th, 2013. Presently, design studios are collecting materials. They will present the results to the investor by the end of March 2013. We are very glad that so many design studios have applied to the competition, as it shows the importance of this place. We are currently unable to asses the expenditures, since we do not know the size of the building, what materials will be used or the standard of the space to lease – says Paweł Gustaw-Dużej, expansion manager at ZPO OTIS LLC. The competition will terminate on April 10th, 2013.

According to the present, initial plans, the ground floor will be rent to service providers shops, whereas the upper floors will hold offices. There is also going to be a separate area on the ground floor, where a day nursery and a preschool will be opened. We believe this to be a perfect solution, which will enable young parents to quickly go back to work and be close to their children, who will be  taken care of by professionals. This attitude has met with the approval of the large companies we have talked to. Even today we can declare we are going to satisfy both the employers and the employees. We are developing ideas such as this one in order to meet the needs of all tenants and and their clients in the new building – says Paweł Gustaw-Dużej.

At the end of the second quarter of 2013 it will be possible to give a specific date for the beginning of the construction works. Presently, it is estimated that the building will be made available in 2015.


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