Future investments in SSE Kraków

Krakowski Park Technologiczny has granted two new permits for business activity in Special Economic Sphere in Kraków


Within the SSE Kraków, new permits were grated to companies such as: Comarch S.A. and P.P.P “Moskito” Marek Jeleń. The permits were awarded by the Board of Krakowski Park Technologiczny.

For Comarch it is already the third permit. Its estimated costs are about 51 billion PLN and at least 50 new jobs places will be created. New building of Comarch will serve to business activity related to software production and data communication, especially services based on Data Center. The partnership employs about 1 500 employees within the area of Kraków-Śródmieście.

The second permit was granted to the “Moskito,” the producer of vertical and roller blinds. The investments costs will be about 1.3 million PLN and create at least 2 new job spaces. Currently within the SSE, the entrepreneurship employs about 27 employees on average. “Moskito” will locate a new subsphere in Tarnów, where 18 new permits were granted.

Since the beginning of 2013, Krakowski Park Technologiczny has granted jointly 11 permits for new business development withing SSE Kraków. The joint investment costs of all entrepreneurships will be 318 million PLN, and they will create 684 job places.

 The partnership Krakowski Park Technologiczny was established in 1997. It currently manages the special economic sphere in Krakow.

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