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The winning image from last year's edition of the contest.
The winning image from last year's edition of the contest.
CBRE organises the Urban Photographer of the Year competition.

Since 2007, the commercial real estate services firm CBRE has been the organiser of the Urban Photographer of the Year competition. The main prize is an exclusive photosafari sponsored by the organiser.

“Each year the competition is fiercely contested, and the number and range of images we receive is staggering. Past winners have captured wonderfully the individual characters of cities around the world, and I would encourage anyone, whether a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast with a passion for photography to enter. Last year entries hailed from as far afield as Bangladesh, Korea, South Africa and Brazil and over the life of the competition, winning the title has provided many photographers with a global platform to showcase their work.” – said Michael Strong, Executive Chairman, EMEA, CBRE.

The competition welcomes photographers from all over the world. Last year, the organiser received 8,000 registrations from 115 countries. The contestants’ task is to capture life and work in big cities or towns at different moments during day and night. Apart from the main prize, there are also prizes for taking the second and third place, as well as for 24 works that distinguish themselves in portraying each our of a day in a city. The deadline for registration is 31 August 2013.

Paulina Krasnopolska, CBRE Director - Marketing & PR Marketing, stated: - In the last year’s edition, there were as many as four Poles among the winners of the 24-hour category. This is why we are encouraging photography enthusiast from our country to participate. As a commercial real estate company, we identify with the subject matter, which is city life. Photographs capturing unique moments from the life in metropolis and small towns enrich our perception of the world.

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Aldona_Wawa :
Bardzo ciekawa inicjatywa!!! Powinno być więcej taki....i nagrody super, naprawdę :)
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