Open days in Browar Lubicz

A photograph of the present stage of works at Browar Lubicz
A photograph of the present stage of works at Browar Lubicz
On the 15th and 16th June there will be open days in Lubicz Brewery, which is office-residential-service building being constructed in Kraków.

Balmoral Properties company invites in the last days before holidays for open days in their new Kraków's investment constructed at Lubicz Street 17. Browar Lubicz is an office-residential-service building, located 800 metres from the Main Square and historic buildings and monuments of Kraków Old Town.

The construction of Lubicz Brewery enters into a really advanced stage. From the outside most of the buildings look as if they are almost finished. All the storeys in the buildings have already been built. The investor plans to conclude works on the stage of the buidling shell in summer. Electric wirings are already laid in the buildings, currently hydraulics is being laid and walls are being plastered. Already at the end of the year the first tenants will receive keys to their flats.  

During the upcoming open days the visitors will have a chance to see the works' progress, choose the best flat for themselves and talk with businessmen.

According to the first plan of the investment, 137 flats of various area are to be creted. Buildings A and B, in which service rooms are to be located on the ground floor, will be commissioned. Here is where a new housing estate with all the necessary social infrastructure will be created – emphasises Paweł Wassilew, Head of Sales and Marketing of Balmoral Properties company.

Simultaneously to the works at residential spaces are conducted the refurbishment works at other buildings in the housing estate area. During open days we will be able to see the progress in construction of one of the best known buidling in the complex, the so-called Goetzów Palace (the building H), in which office spaces will be situated. Works at buildings I and J, designated for commercial and gastronomic business, are also proceeding very intensively. The places for tenants' disposal will altogether have the space of a few thousand m2.

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