PKO BP is now a tenant of Browar Lubicz

Browar Lubicz
Browar Lubicz is a residential, office and service complex which is being built in Cracow ca. 800 meters away from the Main Market
PKO BP joined the group of Browar Lubicz tenants by renting 822 sq. m of space in the A building, from Lubicz Street. The first tenants will be able to realize financial transactions in the following year.

PKO BP is another tenant who signed a lease agreement with Balmoral Properties company this year. In January, the chain of Piotr i Paweł delicatessen rented 1100 sq. m of commercial space on the ground floor of Lubicz 17A building, in March – General Consultant of Hungary moved into the Goetz Palace and in April – Codewise company opened an office with the space of 530 sq. m. It is professionally engaged in sales of innovative technological solutions. Another enterprise which hires space in Cracow complex is Browar Lubicz which is going to open a restaurant brewery in formerly Słodownia. The total rental space amounted ca. 1250 sq. m.


Most of the office and commercial space of the first stage of Browar Lubicz has been already rented. There are only four locals left with the area amounting from 50 to 400 sq. m.


Currently, the building of another stage of Browar Lubicz residential, office and service complex is being continued. Within the second stage, there are two residential buildings: E and F as well as C and D which have access to four or even five floors. Except from apartments, there will be also a cozy G office building. There are 4200 sq. m of usable area designed for the office. All construction works are supposed to finish in the third quarter of 2016.

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