A new office building in Toruń

Kościuszko Business Point in Toruń, mat. Rywal-RHC Sp. z o.o.
The office building is to be completed in August 2014. Mat. Rywal-RHC Sp. z o.o.
Erbud company will construct Kościuszko Business Point in Toruń.

A modern office building – Kościuszko Business Point will be erected at Kościuszki Street 73. The company Rywal-RHC sp. z o.o. with its branch in Toruń will be an investor. The general contractor, Erbud S.A. Company, is to realise the building by August 2014. The investor will pay the contractor PLN 26 million net.

The office building will offer the space of altogether 11 629 m2, with the floor area of 7 534 m2. The structure will have one underground storey - a garage of the space of 4277 m2– and 5 overground storeys.

The signed contract is the second one executed by Erbud company for Rywal-RHC Sp. z o.o. The contractor is familar also with office market – it currently works at constructing such buildings as Eurocentrum at Aleje Jerozolimskie in Warsaw, an office building at Puławska Street 113 in Warsaw, and an office building at Łopuszańska Street in the capital of Poland as well.

Rywal-RHC Group offers technologies, articles and devices used in processes that deal with joining and cutting materials by using heat, that is, among others, welding consumables, welding equipment, cutting and grinding machines, personal protective equipment and robots. In addition, the Group is a manufacturer of goods with MOST, GOLD, ITS-ITM trademarks. The company provides authorized warranty and post-warranty service, along with technical support, and shows and presentations of machines.

Erbud company is one of the leaders in building industry in Poland. The company's annual turnover comes to about PLN 1,4 milliard. Currently, the biggest projects executed by the company are, inter alia, the office building Eurocentrum in Warsaw, worth PLN 336,7 million, and the Seat of Urząd Marszałkowski and Sejmik Wielkopolski in Poznań, worth PLN 133,5 million.


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