Genpact is looking for employees in Szczecin

Brama Portowa I in Szczecin
Brama Portowa I in Szczecin
A multinational from business processes and technological services sector opens a service centre in Brama Portowa in Szczecin.

Genpact Limited will increase the employment from 70 to 250 employees, due to its new seat. This global leader in the field of managing business processes and technological services opens a new service centre in Szczecin, in the Brama Portowa I office building.

After Lublin and Kraków, Szczecin is the third seat of the company in Poland. The new centre is meant to enable an extension of portfolio of services rendered by the company in Europe and in the world. In Szczecin, Genpact will offer services from the domain of finance and accounting (F&A), orders and deliveries, customer service and creating bank infrastructure of office services. Currently, the Szczecin branch cooperates with a few clients from German-speaking countries, and is also planning to enter into cooperation with global telecommunication operator.

The company aims at consistent buidling of close relations with clients and providing them with elastic cooperation offer, along with professional support in the process of making their organization more efficient, in all our European locations. Owing to entrering into cooperation with two strategic clients and coming into operation with another business partners, we see in the Szczecin area a huge potential for development, especially for companies from Austria, Switzerland and Germany – explains Ahmed Mazhari, Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationships, Genpact Europe.

The company will employ experts from the Pomeranian region. Genpact intends to enter into cooperation with univerities, among others with the Szczecin University and the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.

We are systematically developing our operations in the European market. We focus on investing in employees, offering them a possibility to raise their qualifications and to develop professionally, especially in the form of training and practice in Lean and Six Sigma tools, and in learning and skills adeuate to given tasks. An ability to effectively use various locations to provide services for our clients will enable a smooth incorporation of the new centre in Szczecin into the global structure of Genpact, allowing us to create even more efficiently an added value for our business partners operating in Europe – comments Pascal Henssen, Chief Operating Officer, Genpact Europe.

The new branch will be located in Brama Portowa I office building, at Wyszyńskiego Street 1. The building belongs to SwedeCenter.

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Natalia :
Bardzo dobrze, więcej firm powinno otwierać swoje centra w Szczecinie, miasto z potencjalem. Potrzeba więcej inwestycji, więcej kapitału, a naprawdę będzie mogło się wyróżnić na mapie Polski
June 26, 2013 at 3:52 PM