ECO The first modern office building is being erected in Rzeszów

The first large-format office building in Rzeszów - SkyRes Warszawska
The construction is to be completed in December 2014
The first class A large-format office building is being built in Rzeszów.

The capital of Podkarpackie Voivodeship is a market which only begins to arouse interest of investors from building industry. A significant part of already existing investments are class B buildings. The gap in city's potential had been noticed by a developer from Rzeszów, Developres Sp. z o.o., which has began realisation of the first class A large-format office investment – SkyRes Warszawska.

The office building is being erected near Rzeszów's centre, in Warszawska street. It will offer 16 060 m² of office space on 13 storeys. A typical storey in the building will be created in open space formula and it will have about 1 545 m² of space. Its users will be able to make use of modern underground parking lot for 113 cars and 105 cycles. Fans of the latter means of transport will also have at their disposal showers and a cloakroom. The investor took care of places for charging electric cars.

The ground floor of the building is designated for spacious lobby and reception. Access control system will guarantee the security. The building will be equipped with 7 high-speed elevators available from the ground floor level, and also an elevator between the underground parking lot and the ground floor. In addition, there will be room for a canteen. SkyRes Warszawska will also have two separate power supplies and reinforced floors. The architectural design was made in the workshop of 3D Architekci Sp. z o.o.

The building will apply for certification in LEED and BREEAM systems. SkyRes Warszawska is prepared in accordance with requirements of companies from BPO, SSC and IT sectors. The construction is to be completed in December 2014.

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chris.rze :
z innych inwestycji na uwage zasługuje także kompleks Rzeszów City Center. wprawdzie nie jest to inwestycja biurowa, ale robi wrazenie i spokojnie moze konkurowac z inwestycjami handlowo-hotelowo-usługowymi z najwiekszych miast Polski
June 26, 2013 at 4:25 PM
chris.rze :
bardzo cieszy mnie fakt, ze Rzeszow sie rozwija. miasto ma duzy potencjal, ktorego inwestorzy do tej pory nie dostrzegali. poza skyresem, ktory bez watpienia bedzie pierwszym obiektem stricte biurowym, wielkopowierzchniowym, warto wspomniec o ciekawej, juz realizowanej inwestycji capital towers
June 26, 2013 at 4:22 PM