Decorative grids on Alchemia

Alchemia from Aleja Grunwaldzka's side
Decorative grids change Alchemia's exterior
Works at Alchemia office building in Gdańsk are in progress. Currently, there begins an instalment of last elements, which will change the exterior.

The investor of Alchemia office complex in Gdańsk, Torus company, has begun instalment of decorative grids, commonly known as “ties”. Their colours, gold and platinum, correspond to the names given to particular office towers – Aurum and Platinum.

Each tower will have two such elements, one from Aleja Grunwaldzka’s side and one from Fast City Rail station’s side. Their height will be respectively 44 metres for the higher office tower – Aurum, and 32 metres for the shorter one – Platinum, and the width of each of them will be almost 5,5 metres. We are planning to finish the instalment at the end of July – explains Tomasz Borowski from Torus company, Alchemia’s construction site manager.  

The abovementioned “ties” are meant to be the buildings’ distinguishing mark. Alchemia will be a complex comprising of seven office blocks, so their appropriate marking aims at helping prospective employees to move there. Grids with building’s name will be installed over the entries to office blocks. These elements are distinguished by a unique architectural quality.

Openwork material was used for the „ties”. Elements of this type enable spatial presentation of a few plans, they can create a block, define the surface, but they are not a closed and fixed limit. Another example of using openwork solution, although to a much bigger extent, is the National Stadium in Warsaw – says Katarzyna Jabłońska-Bida, an architect in APA Wojciechowski, a member of the team which prepared Alchemia’s design. The “ties” are made of expanded metal meshes, due to which they will transmit daylight and provide full visibility from offices’ interior.

These elements will be visible even from several kilometres distance, due to their impressive size and illumination by LED lamps. Other office blocks are to be named after chemical elements. The comlex’s naming system has a historical ground – the project is constructed on the area in which Chemia factory’s building was located.

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