260 new vacancies in Łódź

Infosys BPO Poland will operate in Lodz Special Economic Zone.

Lodz Special Economic Zone’s Board informed of granting Infosys BPO Poland the permit to operate.

The company deals with business process outsourcing (BPO) services. An important news for residents is the planned increase of employment by 260 workers in the end of September 2015. The company will provide jobs for people related to finance, accounting, logistic processes, database management, SAP processes and consulting services. Currently, already 1700 people work for Infosys in Łódź.

Within LSEZ the company is to increase not only the number of posts, but also expand the owned office space and develop the technical infrastructure. The company committed itself to bearing capital expenditure to the amount of at least PLN 2,4 million.

Infosys BPO Poland Sp. z o.o. is a part of Infosys BPO Ldt., a global provider of business and technological consulting, outsourcing and IT. Currently, the company operates through 149 000 workers, employed in 65 offices and 74 development centres all over the world. Its seats are located among others in the USA, India, China, Australia, Japan, Near East, Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada and Poland. The company’s income in 2012 came to $ 6.994 milliard. In Poland Infosys has been operating since 2007, when it took over Philips’ finance and accounting centre.

In 2013 7 permits have been granted in Lodz Special Economic Zone, which will result in creating 690 new vacancies and bearing investment outlays to the amount of over PLN 235 million.

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