A new office building in Łagiewniki

The Town Hall of Kraków sold a real property situated at Brożka St. by means of tender. An office building can be built on the land in question.

An oral open tender had taken place on September 20, 2013, its subject was the real property adjacent to Brożka St. Cegielna St. and Zakopiańska St., Cracow. The land was sold for the gross cost of 2.9 M. PLN.

The asking price of the real property was 1 736 900 PLN gross. The bid bond of 87 000 PLN was paid by 11 people and 10 entered the bidding. The buyer of the land is Mariusz Biela, who operates a business enterprise under the name Mariusz Biela Partner, has offered the highest bid.

The land on which the property is situated is not a subject of the local land utilisation plan. The decision regarding the land utilization plan has been issued on the initiative of Cracow municipality. According to the document in question, the office building with service space on the ground floor and with an underground car park. The decision is final.

At the moment the lot is occupied by small shops belonging to natural persons who have signed contracts for an indefinite time. Currently there are being conducted proceedings with aim to terminate the agreements.

Rada Dzielnicy IX Łagiewniki-Borek Fałęcki has negatively responded to the plans of erection of the office building on the place in question. In the statement of reason the council has pointed out at the lack of analysis of the impact of the influence of the investment on the existing transportation system and the traffic. Cegielna and Brożka streets in their current state are not designed to provide support for the future investment, which means rebuilding of the existing transportation system. In addition, the council maintains that the Cegielna St. will not be sufficient for the traffic generated by residents and occupants of the office building. 

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