The future of Nowa Huta

The contest Kraków – Nowa Huta Przyszłości has been adjudicated. A Polish group of architects from Gliwice is the winner of this international contest.

The contest Kraków – Nowa Huta Przyszłości (Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future) was aimed to select the best project of the development of the eastern side of Nowa Huta district. Arca - Biuro Projektów Urbanistyki i Architektury has been chosen as the winner and granted a prize of 300 000 PLN. The International Group of Designers from Rotterdam won the second prize (150 000 PLN).

The contest included the development plan of the area limited from the West by Bulwarowa and Klasztorna streets, from the North by a railway line, from the East by the borders of the district of Kraków and from the South by Vistula River. The winning project plans to create a new ecological neighbourhood with a housing and commercial character.

None of the entries for the contest will be fully realized. They will form a basis for a special planning project that will apply for financing from the European Union funds.

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