Browar Lubicz available this year

First stage of Cracow located investment – Browar Lubicz – will be put into operation by the end of 2013.

Final works on first stage of a prestigious Cracow investment Browar Lubicz are currently ongoing. Balmoral Properties plans to put the investment into operation by the end of the year.

The complex includes housing, office and services buildings and is located in the centre of Cracow. Two modern housing estates along with a renovation of the old brewery will be finished during the first stage of construction. The clinker elevation of the new buildings will fit in with the red brick of the renovated structures. Architecture and colours of the complex derive from local industrial buildings from 19th century.

At the moment, final works on elevation of the most recognizable location in the complex, antique Pałac Goetzów (building H), are taking place. It will include office spaces and its architecture goes back to the times of the building's glory between late 19th and early 20th centuries. Under the supervision of the antiques conservator, all the historical interior details are being renovated. The works are about to finish also on housing buildings A and B. On the ground floor of A building one will find service locations while in building B a nursery and a kindergarten will be located. Some progress can be seen also on the I and J buildings designed for commerce and eatery purposes. Works in the garage are also entering their final stages and the courtyard is being covered with paving stone. At the same time Balmoral Properties continues the works on next stages of the investment which will eventually include apartments and and office building with a total space of 5 000 sqm.

As soon as the investor will receive the usage permit, the location will be available for inhabitants, leaseholders and visitors.   

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