New directives for facility managers

RICS presents new directives which aim at improving the company's business results.

New directives presented by RICS concern an important part of real estate market, i.e. Facility Management (FM). 'Global Strategic Facilities Management (FM) Guidance Note' aims at facilitating the work of managers and experts connected with commercial real estate market concerning the managing and supervision of a given location. The document includes recommendations concerning the description, introduction and evaluation of a strategic plan of real estate's functioning and maintenance.


Real estate connected costs make for a significant part of company's budget, therefore, the plan of efficient managing of those is very important - said Johnny Dunford, director of RICS Global Commercial Property. Thanks to it, we can we can reduce costs and make sure that the real estate is governed in accordance with development plans and aims of the company. Efficient managing is something more than just providing everyday services and supervising the real estate. The process still has a huge potential. It gives a positive value, i.e. increases the productivity of the satisfied employees, allows the better service of the customers and decreased costs. All of this thanks to a more efficient management which translates to better results of the company. That's why we hope, that the RICS's directives will be taken up by business representatives and real estate managers worldwide, which will have a direct influence on the world's economy - he explained.


The directives procured by RICS are directed at FM professionals. They're also available for clients and consultants being the best description of practices. Their introduction will improve the results and efficiency of companies.


By introducing the 'Global Strategic Facilities Management (FM) Guidance Note', RICS wants to change the image of FM, generally considered as an everyday operations inside investments and emphasizing its major role in decision process. The directives facilitate the process of making the sector more professional pointing at the wide range of benefits, which can be granted on the European scale by the strategic treatment of RICS's directives. The document is the source of best practices and, thanks to which the managers of FM sector, thanks to which the managers of FM sector will have a direct input in business plans and, as a result, become appreciated leaders of their sector - comments Bruno Pepermans, Business Development - RICS Europe.

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