Occupancy permit for Browar Lubicz

Browar Lubicz in Cracow
The first stage of the prestigious revitalisation project in Kraków has been issued the occupancy permit.

Balmoral Properties informs that the first stage of the investment in Browar Lubicz can be put into use. The project is located in the centre of Kraków and includes residential, service and commercial and office space.


Within the frames of the project, the investor restored the historic Palace Goetz-Okocimskich, changing it into luxurious office block. In the complex, also other factory buildings were restored, such as the former Portiernia, Susznia Słodu, Słodownia as well as Maszynownia and Kotłownia with the chimney. Maszynownia and Kotłownia buildings will offer service and commercial space.


In total, the investment provided the market in Kraków with 4600 sq. m of commercial space and 1900 sq. m of office space. The first stage of Browar Lubicz is complemented by new apartment buildings, in which there are 137 apartments. The architecture of the complex was carefully thought out: historic buildings made of red brick look well with clinker facades of the apartment buildings. The architectural design and the colouring refers to industrial buildings from the 19th century.


The price of the first stage of Browar Lubicz was estimated at about 100 million zloty. The complex is open not only to the residents and tenants of the office space, but also to all inhabitants of the city. In the second stage of the investment, three apartment buildings, offering 130 apartments, will be constructed.

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