There will be no investigation into the controversial office block

Plac Zamkowy - Business with Heritage
Plac Zamkowy - Business with Heritage
The public prosecutor's office decided that the officials correctly conducted the administrative proceedings in the case of office block being built near Sigismund's Column in Warsaw.

Warszawa Śródmieście Północ regional prosecutor's office carried out an audit of granting the administrative decision for the investments made in the capital city by Senatorska Investment company. After assessing the building permit and the zoning decision it was decided that the officials of the City Council in Warsaw acted correctly.


Prosecutor Krzysztof Klimkiewicz from Warszawa Śródmieście Północ regional prosecutor's office issued a decision in which it is confirmed that no irregularities were pointed as far as the issuance of the building permit and the zoning decision about office and service investment, located in the square of Senatorska, Podwale and Miodowa Streets are concerned, we read in the press release issued by Senatorska Investment. The decision was issued as a result of notification of suspicion of committing a crime by the officials of the capital city’s town hall. Councillors from Warszawa Śródmieście District and social activists reported the suspicion of irregularities at one of the sessions of the City Council. Unjustified accusations aimed at the investor also appeared many time in media reports, the company informs.


The public prosecutor's office justifies the decision saying that there was neither exceeding of the powers of the officials nor failure to fulfill their obligations, which means that the officials did not act to the detriment of public or private interest. The audit was concerned with administrative procedures conducted by officials from 2007 to 2012, which included issuing the building permit and reprivatisation decisions for the real estate located above the Trasa W-Z tunnel.


Just to remind you: controversy over the Plac Zamkowy - Business with Heritage investment arose in connection with the location of the investment: about 100 m away from Sigismund's Column, near Warsaw Old Town, which is placed on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. The matter was aggravated by the fact that the building permit for the office block was issued by the mother of the project’s co-author. Currently, the construction works are continued.

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