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Visualization of Skybar in Skyliner
Visualization of Skybar in Skyliner
A gastronomic offer of office structures does not only limit to canteens serving dinners but it also provides places for business meetings with friends after long hours of work.

It's 1 p.m. in a business district of a city. Canteens and bistros situated on the ground floors of various offices are slowly filling with employees of corporations, who need some time to rest after long hours of work, but most of all – they need good food. Most frequently in such premises one may find dinner sets at fixed prices or food by weigh, which has recently become really popular. There are also premises that offer particular cuisine, like Italian, French or Japanese food. What's more, there are always propositions for vegetarians, vegans or enthusiasts of exquisite taste.


Canteens or bistros are currently an integral part of a gastronomic offer of every bigger office structure. They frequently occupy small areas of commercial and service space located on the ground floor of each building. There can be even several restaurants operating on the area of various complexes. Mainly gastronomic premises owned by chains functioning on the area of the whole country or only in a particular city are opened in offices. The most popular chain of restaurants is Olimp, which is present throughout Poland.


Coffee and croissant for busy people

The gastronomic offer of office structures is not only limited to canteens or bistros. It also includes cafes which are more and more frequently situated in offices. Apart from take-away coffee for busy and late employees, they offer a broad range of cakes, cookies or sandwiches. Such premises are also perfect places for meetings with friends and colleagues after long hours of work. Moreover, the gastronomic offer in offices also includes confectionary, coffee, tea, sandwiches and salads. The example is the chain Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski, which has recently been developing its business activity very dynamically on the area of the whole Poland. This brand owns premises in e.g. Gdański Business Center in Warsaw, Łużycka Plus in Gdynia and Olivia Business Center in Gdańsk.


Business meetings in a special surrounding

There are also elegant restaurants in office structures which are successfully used as places for business talks with key contractors. Such premises is to be opened within the investment Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage, which is located at the crossroads of Miodowa, Senatorska and Podwale Streets in the Warsaw Stare Miasto district. According to the plan of the investor, there will be a restaurant with the view of Plac Zamkowy in the building, which will occupy a part of the ground floor and the first floor.


Soaring variations

Office investments also abound in bars or even clubs, which are not necessarily associated with the business environment. However, such properly arranged premises may become a perfect place for spending your free Friday evening with friends as well as less formal business meetings. Karimpol took it a step further and decided to create a bar at the height of... 165 m in its new project Skyliner, which is being realized at Daszyńskiego roundabout. Skybar – the name of this premises – will be situated on the 41st and 42nd floors of the skyscraper. Such highly situated bar will provide users with an incredible view of the whole Warsaw city.


The gastronomic offer of office investments does not have to be limited only to canteens offering breakfasts and dinners, or casual cafes. With the use of assets of a certain building or its surrounding and untypical idea, one may realize an interesting premises, which may become a place eagerly visited by not only users of this office but all inhabitants of the city.


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