ECO Poznań Business Garden halfway through construction

The construction of Business Garden Poznań reached the halfway point
The construction works on Business Garden Poznań crossed the halfway point. The building will be completed at the turn of this year.

In January this year, the topping out ceremony in Poznań investment SwedeCenter took place. Currently, the first stage of the project is being implemented - it will provide 42 000 sq. m of office and service space.


At the end of January, the construction works of four office buildings was completed. Reaching another milestone in the schedule of construction works, at the same time we crossed the halfway point, which brought us even closer to the final completion of the construction works, said Roger Andersson, Managing Director of SwedeCenter. It is also the signal to begin the process of commercialising the project, which in the future will be the workplace of several thousand people. Certainly, Business Garden will be a catalyst of serious changes on the office space market in Poznań, he added.


The investment is being made on Marcelińska and Bułgarska Streets. Within the frames of the first stage, four buildings with underground garage hall will be constructed. Ultimately, the complex will consist of nine buildings with a total area of over 80 000 sq. m, where offices, restaurant and numerous servicing stations will be located. Also, an inner garden with sports and leisure zone is planned in the complex. Business Garden Poznań will be implemented in accordance with the requirements for the LEED Gold certificate.


The construction works are proceeding in accordance with the schedule agreed upon. The general contractor has completed all earthworks with the cubage of over 100 000 square metres, all constructions of reinforced concrete with the volume of almost 30 000 sq. m are already made, as well as reinforcements with a mass close to 3 000 tones, and almost 9 000 pre-fabricated elements have been installed, enumerated Michał Wojciechowski, Project Manager of SwedeCenter. After the core and shell stage, at the beginning of this year, we started to make the elevations, while technical and installation works are in progress inside the buildings, he said.


The first stage of Business Garden Poznań will be completed at the turn of 2014 and 2015.

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