The controversial name of the investment in Powiśle

The complex Copernicus Square in Warsaw
Hochtief Development Poland responds to the accusations of the improper name for the Copernicus Square investment in Warsaw.

Copernicus Square is an office, residential and commercial complex, constructed between Dobra, Leszczyńska, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie and Zajęcza Streets in Warsaw, in a former industrial plant producing electricity. Within the frames of the investment, over 41 000 sq. m of space will be made, including ca. 26 295 sq. m of offices, 9500 sq. m of commercial and servicing space and 103 apartments and 384 parking places. The investor, the company Hochtief, also plans to make city squares open to the inhabitants: Plac Wiślany (Vistula Square), Plac Przyrody (Nature Square), Plac Techniki (Technology Square) and Plac Historii (History Square). Copernicus Square is to be put into use within 2 years from the start of the construction works.


The name of the investment, which does not fit to the historical character of the place, has raised controversy among the residents. We would like to emphasise that the term “Copernicus Square,” which has been used so far and appeared in the media, is only a temporary name for the investment, and not its final name. In the near future, we allow for defining the final name of the complex, taking into account the component related to the history and tradition of the place. We will inform the general public about the following stages on the current basis, writes the company in its statement, prepared in response to the petition written by the Warsaw department of the Society for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and the following organisations: Masław Stowarzyszenie (Masław Association) and Moje Powiśle (My Powiśle).


We would like to ensure that just like the Residents, we also care about making the complex with respect to the tradition of the place. As the investor, in close co-operation with Historic Preservation Officer of Warsaw, we give voice to it, planning the revitalisation of the building in such a way that it would remind about the history of the 20th century plant, providing the residents with energy and heat. On the area of the investment we will show, among others, several elements from the prime of this place. For instance, on the open History Square, we will exhibit a historic locomotive, on the reception desks, there will be the crane with chain and hook from the former distribution centre, we will also reproduce the railway tracks and the shape of the chimney, ensures the investor.


In the complex, also the memorial plaque from 1976 will be exhibited, as well as the new plaque, presenting almost 100-year-old history of the industrial plant. The plaques will be located in public spaces, that is, on the modernised building of the former engine room (D2), the ground floor of which will be adapted to the needs of commercial and service mall. Within the frames of the so-called Historical Exposition, a granite memorial plaque from 25 April 1976 will be shown. It was founded by the workers of Warsaw Power Industry, and reads thus: "In this place, on 25 April 1945, the opening ceremony of the first turboset, rebuilt after the liberation as a symbol of the renewal of power industry, was held.” Under this plaque, the investor plans to put a new information board, which will include information about the industrial plant, beginning with 1904 (its foundation) up to 2003, when it was closed down.


In Warsaw district of Powiśle, the construction of industrial building, which had been operating for almost 100 years with short interruptions, meant the beginning of the era of electricity in Warsaw. The past of the plant is also directly related to the period of the Warsaw Uprising. Its importance for the capital city cannot be underestimated, and this is why we believe that it is our duty to implement the investment in such a way that combines the requirements of modern times and respect for the tradition of this place, comments Piotr Stark, the Member of the Management Board of HOCHTIEF Development Sp. z o.o.

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