Who to Develop Wroclaw station?

Świebodzki Station in the background office building designed by Archicom
PKP Group has announced a tender for the planning and carrying out the project, which consists in adapting Świebodzki Station with its historic building.

The property, occupying approx. 28 hectares, is located in the Old Town in Wroclaw, approximately. 1 km from the Market Square. Within it, there is, among others, originates from the nineteenth century historic building Świebodzki station. The project includes both the implementation of a modern building and revitalization of historical buildings. In addition, the station entails the restoration of rail traffic Świebodzki railway station, and creating within it new space-related commercial activities. The project area will connect the station with the new arteries, public transportation and bike paths.

The investment by the Wroclaw Świebodzki railway station will revitalize this part of town. We are committed to commercial development chimed with the historic buildings. We want to create a place that will be a real showcase of Wroclaw - says Jarosław Bator, Managing Director. Property in PKP SA

To participate in the second stage of the tender PKP qualified three investors Archicom Ltd. Consortium Anguloa Trading Limited, TriGranit Development Poland Sp. of o.o HB Reavis and Consortium Poland Ltd., Polcom XII Investment Ltd.

This is a project of enormous scale as in terms of Wroclaw, therefore, requires an excellent knowledge of the market and the needs of the city. We have had extensive experience of conservation, many years of experience in building commercial office centers, and above all self-contained residential units. This now needs Wroclaw, while it is our domain - that is why we decided to share - says Dorota Jarodzka-Śródka, President of Archicom.

In the next stage of the election, investors submit binding offers the choice of a partner who, together with PKP SA realize the project is planning for the turn of 2014 and 2015.

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