First Tenant Leases Space In City Forum

City Forum
City Forum
City Forum in Wroclaw has a first tenant, that is NOTUS Finanse. New contracts are in the process of negotiations.

NOTUS will occupy over 550 sq. m of office space on the ground floor of one of the first buildings of City One complex. All works related to interior design for the tenant are being performed by Archicom Sp. z o.o. – Realizacja Inwestycji – sp. k. The commissioning is envisaged for April 2019.

We are very pleased that NOTUS Finanse is the first tenant of City Forum, especially that this company is our proven business partner and the talks were conducted in a very good atmosphere and mutual understanding of goals. I believe that the prestige of tenants always reflects the class of office building. City Forum is first and foremost a well-thought-out project which allows for interior design in accordance with individual needs. The location provides a very good access to public communication whereas green solutions optimize the costs borne by the tenant – says Tomasz Sujak, Member of the Board, Archicom.

NOTUS Finanse is one of the largest companies of financial intermediary in Poland. It has been operating on the market since 2004. One of the first departments of the company in Poland was launched in Wroclaw. The team of experts in the capital of Little Silesia currently totals over 50 people. The offer includes a lot of financial products such as mortgage loans, cash loans as well as life and property insurances.

Wroclaw is a city which unchangingly characterizes with a huge growth potential for our company. Thereby, we needed an office in a perfect location in order our clients and partners could reach us easily. Convenience and contentment of our clients are incredibly crucial in our business. Additionally, City Forum is one of the most modern office buildings in this part of Europe, which was built in accordance with advanced technology allowing for optimization of maintenance costs – says Chairman of NOTUS Finanse, Robert Pepłoński.

City Forum is a complex of two office buildings of the total size amounting to 24 000 sq. m. The complex is being executed in accordance with the LEED certification standards at the Gold level. This office is situated in the city center at one of the most important city hubs, that is at Plac Wróblewskiego at the crossroads of Traugutta and Pułaskiego Streets. The project envisages the execution of an internal patio between City One and City 2, which will serve as a meeting place for employees, clients and inhabitants of Wroclaw. There are nealy 2000 sq. m on the ground floor for gastronomic tenants, restaurants, cafes and other services of daily needs. The construction works started in June 2017 and the investment is being executed in accordance with the schedule. The authorial design studio by Dorota and Kazimierz Środkowie is responsible for this design, the general contractor is Archicom Realizacja Inwestycji, whereas Archicom SA is responsible for commercialization.


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