Topping out on Plac Andersa in Poznań

Works connected with the structure of Andersia Business Center has been completed.

Works connected with aboveground part of the Andersia Business Center office has started in the middle of July 2012. On 23rd November, after about 4 months of the start of building works, above the structure of the building a traditional topping out was put - quotes

Investment is a third stage of development of Plac Andersa, which will close frontage of plaza from the side of Królowej Jadwigi Street. A total space of the building has almost 14 000sqm, and it will be divided into two functions. Office park will have about 11 200sqm, commerical park will have 2 300sqm and they'll be located on the ground floor. End of construction works is planned on September 2012 and as investor claims that this date is still real. Works connected with the reinforced concrete structure of the building was completed three weeks before the schedule, and contractor companies responsible for further stages have already been chosen.

Andersia Business Center is a common enterprise of Von der Heyden Group and Poznań. General contractor of investment is Porr Polska. Project was designed by Architecture Studio Ewy i Stanisława Sipińskich. Knight Frank deals with commercialization of the space.

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