Poland Is Attractive For Asian Capital

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Poland is in the top twenty of the most attractive locations for the Asian capital. There is also a growing interest of Chinese investors in Polish properties.

According to the latest report “New Frontiers” prepared by Knight Frank, Poland is in the top twenty of the most attractive investment locations for the Asian capital (17th place). Such a high position results from the efficiency of the institution, thanks to which the investors can locate the capital in the country without much trouble, as well as accessibility of the market to foreign direct investments (FDI) and rapid development of infrastructure. The increased mutual trade relations between Poland and China were also enhanced by the railway connection between Chengdu and Łódź.




In 2016, foreign direct investments (FDI) of China in Poland totaled 563 million dollars. Hence, Poland was the largest recipient of Chinese FDI in the Visegrád Group and the eighth in the European Union. The significant role of our country is confirmed by the position in the “16+1” group which concentrates the countries of the CEE region coacting with China. It results from the cooperation of both countries which gathered pace in 2013, that is a year when the regular railway intermodal container between Poland and China was launched. It is estimated that the cargo terminal which connects Łódź and Czengdu contributes to the increase of commercial exchanges between the countries by nearly 30%.


There is also a growing popularity of Polish properties among Chinese investors. We noticed the first visible signs of activity of Chinese investors on the local commercial property market several years ago, when the Bank of China was engaged in refinancing of investments from the office sector. We are currently observing an increased interest of Chinese investors who mainly search for warehouse assets, however, the Chinese investors are also open to other sectors of the market. An incredibly crucial investment took place in Q4 2017 when China Investment Corporation purchased a warehouse portfolio Logicor of the value amounting to 15 billion dollars. 28 out of 43 properties are located in Poland. Their total size amounts to ca. 900 000 sq. m and the total value is almost 640 million dollars – says Elżbieta Czerpak, Director of Market Research Department, Knight Frank.



“New Frontiers” report is the latest publication prepared by Knight Frank. It pertains to the investment potential of Chinese capital in numerous countries which significantly influences the growth of their economies, including Poland: http://bit.ly/2EIEJ7U.



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