Wroclaw 101 Attracts Tenants

Wroclaw 101
Wroclaw 101
There are more and more tenants who rent space in Wroclaw 101. New companies have just decided to move into this building and launch their head offices in the city center of Wroclaw.

New lease contracts in Wroclaw 101 were signed by Solteq Poland and EcoMS Consulting. Solteq Poland is a software company which specializes in omni-commerce and consultancy in digital marketing. EcoMS Consulting specializes in legal consultancy related to the environmental protection and safety. The first tenant which has already launched its head office in Wroclaw 101 is TBSCG. TBSCG specializes in delivering IT services for business, content management, hosting, technological support as well as delivering content and graphical creations. The owner – Crownway Investments – was represented by Knight Frank during the lease process.

Wroclaw is a city which gives access to qualified IT specialists and universities, which drives growth of companies connected with new technologies. It is perfectly reflected in the profile of tenants who appreciate our conditions favoring business – says Marcin Jański, Crownway Investments.

Wroclaw 101 is situated on the renovated square which is adjacent to the Wroclaw Glowny railway station. The building is characterized by the exceptional glass façade and functional interiors.

Wroclaw 101 arouses unflagging interest among tenants. It has become one of the most recognizable office buildings in the city center of Wroclaw. A perfect location, access to numerous facilities in close neighborhood and cozy atmosphere make work pleasurable. We are glad that Solteq Poland, EcoMS Consulting and TBSCG have decided to choose this particular location – says Marta Mądry, Leasing Manager, Office Space Lease Department, Knight Frank.


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