Google’s another office building

New buildings are being erected in Mountain View in Silicon Valley.

2010 was the year when Google have employed the largest number of new employees in its history. During this year the said record is expect to be broken. Google is expected to hire at least 6000 new individual (prior to March’s end there was 2000).

The company famous for luxurious and friendly work conditions, which are unique in the scale of the world, for this reason it needs more space. It was decided to rent new office buildings of the total usable area amounting to over 55 000 sq. m. The location is of no surprise, buildings are being erected in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, expanding Google’s proprieties in the city.

The owner of the office buildings is The Quad, which had been conducting earlier negotiations with two other investors, however Google seemed to be the most determined and effortlessly topped the bids. Buildings will most likely be commissioned in January 2012.

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