76 companies left SEZ

Does benefits from conducting a business within SEZ are lesser?

Despite number of investments and work places that had been increasing in 2010, the number of entities operating within SEZ decreased – informs “Puls Biznesu”, on the basis of the information published by Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland.

The department in “Informacje o realizacji ustawy o SSE” (Information regarding the SEZ act) have informed about revoking 40 permits for projects. The reason for this was failure to fulfil the undertaken obligation. In addition, 36 firms gave up their operations within SEZ on their own.

According to "Puls Biznesu", despite withdrawal of firms, the balance of SEZ remains positive. There were 177 new permits issued in 2010, which, compared the previous year, constitutes a 35 per cent increase.

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