Technopark Łódź will extend its offer

BioNanoPark+ investment is being realized in Technopark in Łódź
In the presence of representatives of municipal, regional, business and science authorities as well as Members of Parliament and regional civil servants, the cornerstone was built in the investment
On Tuesday the cornerstone was built in BioNanoPark+ investment which is being realized within Technopark Łódź. The project will cost over 92 million zlotys.

BioNanoPark project is being realized from 2010 and envisages development of centrum wdrożenia dla przemysłu, where registered offices of laboratories specialized in life science research will be situated. BioNanoPark+ investment will be financed in 85 per cent from the European Union means, granted within “Innovative Economy” Operational Programme.


The start-up of a new laboratory structure will be a new opening for Technopark – said Bogdan Wasilewski, chairman of the board in Technopark Łódź, during the celebration. Realized from 2010 project is entering into a new phase, thanks to which Łódź will get another million zlotys which is dedicated to development, science and strengthening the competitiveness of our economy – he explained.


Currently, BioNanoPark is one of the biggest laboratory complexes in Poland, intended for the biotechnological industry. Its realization cost 76 million zlotys – most of it (53 million zlotys) was financed from the European Union means. There are two big laboratories, which carry out research in respect of medicine, environmental protection and pharmacy, in the structure. Surveys are conducted to the order of private enterprises as well as native and foreign research centers. In the building there is also Łódź Technology Incubator, in which companies which function in modern sectors like IT or R&D may locate their headquarters.


Within BioNanoPark+ investment, another six laboratories are going to be built, which will occupy ca. 4000 sq. m of space. There will be i.a. The Molecular Simulation Laboratory, which shortens the time of chemical analyses, and The Personalized Medicine Laboratory, which enables to look for therapeutic solutions with the use of cell lines leading directly from sick people. The actual research offer of Łódź centrum wdrożenia dla biznesu will be complemented by: The Structural Research of Nanomaterial, Biosensors and Organic Electronics Laboratory, The Product Authentication Laboratory and The Biotechnology Laboratory.


Investments related to the task of BioNanoPark+ will be finished in August 2015. Their cost will total over 92 million zlotys. The own contribution while financing a new task was provided by Łódź City and Łódź Voivodship. Jointly, over 122 million zlotys were obtained from the European Union budget within BioNanoPark project.

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