Special economic zones wait for small and medium companies

GPP Business Park in Katowice
GPP Business Park in Katowice
In response to the appeal of the Minister of Economy, special economic zones more and more often try to attract small and medium entrepreneurs. The aim is to make zones independent of big companies and generate new work places.

In our strategy we see a necessity to enhance some directions in order to partially explode the myth that zones are only for big companies – comments Andrzej Zabiegliński, vice-chairman and member of Special Economic Zone board in Katowice. If the Ministry of Economy says directly that activities to the benefit of small and medium companies should be enhanced, we will say: we are doing it but we will turn to it even more.


However, small and medium entrepreneurs point out that in order the investment develop in the area of SEZ – it is necessary to create more flexible regulations which abolish, for instance, the requirement of maintaining work places for at least three years. The challenge for SEZ, in turn, is to decrease the level of public aid, which is acceptable by the EU law and the limit of which has decreased nearly in the whole country since 1th July.


For instance, currently it is 25 per cent for Silesian voivodship. It must be said: try to use it because the environment to invest is interesting in respect for the labor market, we have more and more educated youth. On the other hand, there is an issue how to show in new realities that not only the level of public aid is so important – says Andrzej Zabiegliński.

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