Katowice SEZ attracts investors

Górnośląska Avenue in Katowice, pic by Lestat (Jan Mehlich), CC BY-SA 3.0 license based on Wikimedia Commons
Górnośląska Avenue in Katowice, pic by Lestat (Jan Mehlich), CC BY-SA 3.0 license based on Wikimedia Commons
The Katowice Special Economic Zone is recording more and more better results. The expected capital investments may amount to 1,5 billion zlotys in the following quarters and contribute to establishment of even 1,3 thousand new work places.

We made another verification of our expectations for this year because we thought that there may be a barrier when it comes to capital, interest or designs after this particularly great last year and that our clients „run out of steam” in case of designs. However, it turned out that the interest is increasing just like in case of good periods – informs Piotr Wojaczek, chairman in the Katowice Special Economic Zone.


The foregoing prognoses concerned 10 or 12 new projects worth ca. 1 billion zlotys, thanks to which 800-1000 new working places were supposed to be offered. However, the results of the first quarter show that there may be even twice more such projects and the outlays may increase by half reaching the level of ca. 1,5 billion zlotys. The same situation should occur in case of work places – we are counting on ca. 1,2-,1,3 thousand work places. In other words, it is to be decent – says president in KSSE.


According to data of KSSE, jointly 58 permits with declared capital investments for the value of 2,5 billion zlotys were issued in 2014. It is worth reminding that twice less projects for over 1,5 billion zlotys were obtained last year. The experts associate such good results with the change on the regional map of the public aid’s intensity in July. In the first six months of this year, the companies were investing in order to benefit from higher additional payments. This aid has a crucial meaning, especially that the Silesia region is not cheap. In this part of Europe, we are rather a comparable place with Masovia and sometimes the average is even higher – admits Piotr Wojaczek.


Till June 2014, the small enterprises in KSSE could have counted on aid in the amount of 60 per cent of their investments, medium ones – on 50 per cent and big ones – on 40 per cent. The maximal levels of aid have been decreased to the level of respectively 45, 35 and 25 per cent after occurred changes. In spite of the fact that this situation reduced the excitement among investors, it did not translate itself into a smaller interest in the region. According to Wojaczek, it results primarily from the change of means intended for support. There are less and less grants, that is subsidies – non-returnable means if a project is made in accordance with schedule. The focus in on loans, that is returnable means. In case of a good business, the money is owned by the entrepreneur for an unlimited period of time. Therefore, I believe that it will be all right – comments chairman in KSSE during EKG in Katowice.


According to report conducted by Instytut Badań nad Gospodarką Rynkową titled Investment Attractiveness of Voivodeships and Sub-Regions in Poland 2014, the Silesian voivodeship is the best place to invest in Poland. It results from a beneficial location next to the western border but also from the work resources and economic infrastructure. First and foremost, KSSE attracts companies from the motor industry. In 2014, Business Financial Times distinguished the Katowice zone as a perfect place for this type of investments.


The companies have to find a way to be competitive also by benefitting from our resources. These are much higher because there are more and more centers of development concerning products and R&D. Other industries – except for the motor one – constitute ca. 40 per cent. These are food and drink, construction and machinery industries. We hope that this offer will be still maintaining – sums up chairman in the Katowice SEZ.   


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