Global producer of helicopters settles in Łódź

© Airbus Helicopters, Charles Abarr
© Airbus Helicopters, Charles Abarr
Airbus Helicopters decided to open a constructional office in Łódź. The city Łódź informs that the contract is a result of negotiations between president Hanna Zdanowska and management of the company which were held in Marseilles.

The opening of a constructional office by Airbus Helicopters company in Łódź is a chance for students and graduates from our technical university. The first of them stay in France on postgraduate internships. As a target, the company aims at hiring 100 people who would be engaged in modernizing the construction of helicopters – said president Hanna Zdanowska.


The constructional office will be opened in April or May 2015. However, the representatives of Airbus Helicopters will come to Łódź at the beginning of November in order to find a proper location. The sale offers concerning the property and letting of office area will be presented by UMŁ Investor Service Office.


Airbus Helicopters is continuing activities of Eurocopters consortium and it is one of the biggest companies in the world which produces and services helicopters. At the beginning of the year, the company became a member of Airbus Group. Airbus Helicopters owns 46 per cent of shares in the world civil and military helicopter market and hires ca. 23 thousand employees.   


It is not the first contact of Łódź with this investor. A co-operation agreement was concluded in BioNanoPark in 2013 between such companies as: Eurocopter, Turbomeca and Wojskowe Zakłady Lotniczy No. 1 in Łódź.

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