ECO Green energy in Kulczyk offices

Ufficio Primo
Warta Tower
At the beginning of January 2015, all offices which are owned and managed by Kulczyk Silverstein Properties (KSP) will be supplied only with energy from renewable sources.

The usage of energy which is produced by wind companies constitutes another step in the realization of pro-ecological strategies of KSP company, after the full certification of all projects in BREEAM system. The change to green energy is related to more and more higher demands of tenants concerning quality of management in the area of environmental protection.

KSP introduced ecological improvements and received green BREEAM certificates in 2014. It implemented a lot of procedures which enhance the management of energy, media and waste.

The segregation, which will enable not only effective collection of recycled waste but also generate savings related to their garbage removal, was introduced in the building owned by Warta Tower. Moreover, there was an analysis regarding electricity consumption carried out in the complex which will allow to implement solutions aimed at reduction of property’s costs of using. Mechanisms which are directly connected with replacement of lighting on led or energy-saving are being tested in the building.

Currently, three buildings from KSP portfolio have BREEAM-In-Use certificate: Stratos Office Center (in building category with Very Good grade, and in management category: Excellent), Ufficio Primo (building: Very Good, management: Excellent) and Warta Tower (building: Very Good, management: Very Good).

Kulczyk Silverstein Properties (KSP) is an international investment and development company with headquarter in Warsaw. It is a joint venture between Kulczyk Real Estate Holding S.r.l. (KREH) and Silverstein Properties, Inc. (SPI). KSP was founded at the end of 2010 and it is professionally engaged in building and investment in office and commercial properties in the Central and Western Europe. In their portfolio KSP shareholders have jointly over 3,25 million sq. m of commercial, residential and service space in the area of the United States and Central and Western Europe.

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