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Centrum Hieronimus, pic JK,
pic JK,
The repair works of two historical tenement houses in Wrocław, which are owned by an entrepreneur – Zbigniew Grycan, are nearing the end.

The scaffolding have been already removed from the construction site. Currently, the last corrections of tenement houses are lasting. The buildings received a name Centrum Hieronimus which refers to a historical name of St. Hieronimus Merchant House from the first half of XX century.


In December, a main contractor – Budimex partnership – will leave the construction site. The outside works will finish. In February, in turn, the internal finish is planned – explains Paweł Boczar from CBRE company, professionally engaged in commercialization of the building. – We are conducting conversations with an entity who wants to hire the whole structure with the ground floor part. The negotiations are advanced. Unfortunately, we cannot tell any details now. We would like to lease nearly 5000 sq. m of office area.


The investment included a complete redecoration of both structures, renovation of elevation, replacement of installations and ceilings in one of the buildings. Moreover, the floors were lifted, thanks to which – in accordance with individual needs of tenants – electric and computer installations will be distributed.


The renovation of buildings, located at the crossroads of Teatralny Square and Świdnicka Street, has been lasting since July 2013. The arrangement should end in May in the following year. The owner of the structure is entrepreneur Zbigniew Grycan, the owner of company which produces and sells ice creams – Zielona Budka and the present owner of the partnership –  Grycan – lody od pokoleń.

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