ECO Alchemia received Platinum

Alchemia in Gdańsk
Alchemia in Gdańsk
The first stage of Gdańsk Alchemia complex was rewarded by platinum LEED certificate. It is the first investment in Tricity with such a high grade.

The receiving of LEED certificate on the highest level proves quality of our investment and it is the culmination of a hard and over 3,5-year input of work in meeting global standards. It is a huge satisfaction but also honor an obligation. Moreover, it is not only important what we are building, but the way we are doing it and the influence of the investment on people and environment – now and in several hundred years – says Sławomir Gajewski, chairman in Torus partnership which is a developer of Alchemia.


The plan of erosion and sedimentation was realized during the building of Alchemia. It prevents the pollution from the soil or dust from spreading on adjacent plots. Furthermore, building materials which are produced in the region were applied, thanks to which the transport was minimalized as well as the emission of CO2. In the building there is also a special designed lighting which prevents so called light pollution that is the lighting the neighboring houses. Moreover, the materials which do not emit harmful substances were used and the emphasis was put on the education of future employees in order they use energy-saving solutions properly.


Initially, when the decision about certification of Alchemia in LEED was made and when we became acquainted with the philosophy of this system, we were very excited about facing the challenge. Then, the hard work started – overcoming a number of difficulties and complicated procedures as well as looking for innovative solutions – comments Edyta Korycka, chairman of investment planning department in Torus company.


Among all certified structures in LEED on platinum level, Alchemia received the second result in the country – after Q22 skyscraper, which is being realized by Echo Investment in Warsaw. Since certification is not so popular in Poland, this process demanded showing the way from us. We gained know-how ourselves but also we had to educate our deliverers, executors or cooperators. Therefore, the exhilaration with the end result is even greater now – says Edyta Korycka.


Pro-ecological aspects of Alchemia investment:

  • the economy of drinking water on the level of 47,30 per cent – hydro-saving sanitary facilities, water irrigating a green area is fully pumped from the storage reservoir intercepting rainwater;
  • decrease in amount of sewage by 58,70 per cent;
  • decrease in usage of energy on the level of 25,46 per cent – sufficient lighting inside and outside the structure (requirements of ASHRAE 90.1-2007 norm);
  • usage of building materials which are mostly produced regionally;
  • usage of finishing materials on office and sport areas with low content of volatile organic compounds;
  • usage of green roofs as well as a bright and light-reflecting concrete cube on hardened areas causes reduction of „heat island” effect;
  • location of the structure in the center of Gdańsk Oliwa district and closeness to many additional facilities gives its users the opportunity to enjoy a public transport and thus reduce the emission of CO2;
  • infrastructure for cyclist (over 100 lockers and 10 showers) – also encourage to leave a car at home;
  • electric installation in garages adjusted to power electric cars;
  • repeated usage of the plot – we do not destroy green areas in order to build new roads but we also develop former deserted industrial areas.

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