„I love Warsaw" writing on Warsaw Spire skyscraper
Huge and brightened writing showed up on the 35th floor of Warsaw Spire
On the 35th floor of Warsaw Spire building, 140 meters above the ground, Ghelamco placed a huge and brightened writing „I love Warsaw”.

The present for citizens of Warsaw is not only a temporary and festival installation but it will stay in the city for longer. Moreover, along with arising new floors it will be moved higher. Almost everyone recognizes the dictum I love NY” or I Amsterdam”. We hope that I love Warsaw” neon will arouse positive emotions too – comments Malwina Pawłowska from Sztuka w Mieście Foundation.


The writing is 10 m high and 25 m long. It takes 3 tiers of Warsaw Spire building. The words „LOVE” and „WARSAW” are 3 m high whereas the beating in different colors heart replacing the letter O in the first word is 4,5 m high. In order to light up the illumination, 9000 LED diodes were used. Furthermore, the aluminum moldings with the total length of 350 m were applied in making the letters. The steel support construction weighs 3500 kg.


The initiator of the writing was Sztuka w Mieście Foundation which was established in October 2014 by Ghelamco. The Foundation focuses on upgrading the quality of the city public space through promotion and support of artistic, cultural, entertainment and sport events taking place in it. In our strategy we go beyond standards of developer activity – we do not only want to realize offices and friendly work places but also we would like to participate in the process of shaping the urban fabric and creating valuable area for the capital – ensures Jeroen van der Toolen, CEO in Ghelamco CEE.


On 8th December, the Foundation carried out a poll on the streets of Warsaw in which it asked inhabitants which factors cause that they love the city. „Fantastic people”, „opportunities”, „multiculturalism”, „diversity”, „atmosphere”, „beach in Praga”, „metro”, „the Royal Route and the Old Town”, „colors”, „interesting places” – answered the Varsovians.

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