ECO Investor purchased several hundred norblins

The Open Museum of the Former Norblin Factory
The Open Museum of the Former Norblin Factory
Capital Park, the investor of revitalization project of the former Norblin factory, purchased a set of several hundred „norblins” from the private collector. They will be exposed in the Open Museum of the Former Norblin Factory in the future.

The „Norblin collection” includes such objects as: sugar bowls, cigarette cases, candlesticks, cutleries or glass stands which have been produced over the course of ca. 120 years of glory of the Warsaw metal industry, that is from the beginning of the 19th century till the interwar period. The complexity of the tableware, office supplies and devotional articles is not only distinguished by elegant design but it also indicates the lifestyle of former townspeople and culture of consuming meals. The most peculiar elements of the collection include asparagus grills and spoons, pâté seashells, sardine forks and oyster as well as caviar spoons.


The purchase of silver plates is another step on the way to create the characteristic „Norblin collection” which will also include unique machines from the former factory. They are precious antiquities of the technique – comments Kinga Nowakowska, chairman of the revitalization project of the former Norblin Plant. – In the broader context, „Norblin Collection” is also a metaphor reflecting our approach to revitalization of this special place. We do not want to develop here another repeatable chain of shops which may as well be located somewhere else. We intent on original area, in which there would be unique commercial, culture or service concepts apart from office space – adds.


The revitalization program of the former Norblin Mill envisages creation of an investment offering 64 000 sq. m of office, service, commercial and culture area. Moreover, there will be 10 buildings and 44 complexes of machines, which are entered in the monument register, reserved and incorporated in the project. The central point of the investment will be a cobbled lane without a roof with restaurants and boutiques, located around the antique post-factory halls. The integral part of the structure will be the Open Museum of the Former Norblin Factory which will enable the familiarization with the past of this place and people related to it. The area will encourage to spend some free time in it.

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