Budimex will build Information Technology Research Center

Budimex partnership signed a construction contract with Beyond.PL company for building and equipment of the Information Technology Research Center in Poznan. The value of the agreement amounts to 102 million zlotys net. Budimex will have 12 months to realize the investment.

The scope of works conducted by Budimex includes the building of a 4-tier office structure with a social hinterland as well as educational and meeting halls with the total space of 3600 sq. m and technological building with the area of 13 600 sq. m. The part of the structure will be a technical resources (installation of a guaranteed power supply, cooling system, laboratory rooms, warehouses and workshops). In the same building there will be a separated zone for organized visiting groups.  


The buildings will be combined with two connectors: on the level of the second tier and in the underground.


There will be an activity conducted on the area of the Center related to exploitation of computer systems used for the purposes of research works.


The Information Technology Research Center is a science and commercial initiative constituted by Management Board in Beyond.pl, the aim of which is to increase the potential of the company through scientific achievements of cooperating universities and costs intended for own research and development works.

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