New logo of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

New logo of BGK
BGK logo in force till 31th December 2014
Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is changing its logo. The decision constitutes a continuation of transitions initiated in the new BGK strategy for the years 2014-2017, the aim of which is enhancement of the institution identity.

The change of the institution identity will occur on 1th January 2015 and it will include all elements of the identification as well as the style of marketing communication.


The progress and professionalization which have been gradually noticeable in our bank for the last years should be reflected in the identity of the brand – explains Adrianna Lepka, chairman of communication in BGK. – We are developing, investing in people, technologies and more and more wide competences. In order the market would notice this change, we also have to invest in our identity – adds Lepka.


The most noticeable change would be a new logo – a smaller and red square symbolizing impulse, thanks to which the enterprise would gain momentum and larger quadrangle representing the investment’s effect.


Till the end of 2015, BGK is planning to intend jointly 28 billion zlotys within the „Polish Investments” program, the realization of which started in May 2013. So far, BGK has given a guarantee for credits with the value of 27 billion zlotys.

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