Changes in Warsaw Trade Tower

Warsaw Trade Tower
Maria Bubak and Jarosław Pilch during presentation of changes envisaged for tenants
In the building at Chłodna 51 Street in Warsaw, i.a. a new cultural and business area, canteen and common dining room will be arranged. A lobby will be thoroughly renovated and piano concerts will be organized there.

All changes in a project designed by Wyszyński, Majewski, Hermanowicz and RTKL architectural studio in Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) built in the late 1990s will be introduced in response to a poll conducted among tenants in summer last year. First and foremost, the main direction of changes is the orienation on employees in the building and its opening on a local community.


The crucial factor for us is the fact that tenants were an inspiration to changes which will soon be realized in WTT. 1 297 people took part in a poll conducted by our company which confirms that they are really interested in the place of their work. According to opinions expressed in the poll, WTT is not only considered as a building but also as an area where a concrete business community is functioning. We would like the community to have a possibility to develop in each aspect – mainly in professional and business ones but also in cultural and personal – said the representative of the building's owner  Maria Bubak  during a festive meeting with tenants.  


What changes were planned by the owner?


The owner of the building decided to introduce i.a. solutions encouraging to a greater activity after working hours due to expectations of 72 per cent of tenants which were presented in the poll. Therefore, there will be a room intended for exercises and relaxation on the first floor where employees will have the opportunity to enjoy a suggested exercise program or rent a room for individual as well as team activities. Moreover, employees from external companies may benefit from this place. The structure will be also enriched by a better infrastructure for bicyclists, including i.a. showers.


85 per cent of surveyed employees signaled a need for a better choice and better quality of gastronomic locals in the building. The owner envisaged for them a new canteen with healthy food, a drive dedicated to food tracks and also a common dining room, in which the atmosphere will be made even more enjoyable by piano music played live in a new lobby. In response to over 90 per cent of employees, this part of the structure will be thoroughly renovated.


The changes will also include the 35th floor of the building which will be an area intended for organization of exhibitions, conferences and business events open to external and local community. On the one hand, the 35th floor is supposed to be a place of meetings with culture and artistic events. On the other hand, it will be also an area intended for business meetings which will enable tenants to realize business events and establish relations with contractors and business partners in a very visually attractive and prestigious place – explains Maria Bubak. 


All activities planned for 2015 are signed into the caring of the investor concerning building of tenants' community. The direction which was chosen after the analysis of poll's results was concentrated on needs and expectations of tenants regarded as individual entities, workers of the building, and also members of the business community. We would like WTT to be a perfect and inspiring place of work for them, and also an area in which services and experience may be exchanged as well as interesting way of spending time except for duties related to work. Changes, which we are going to be introduced in 2015, are supposed to improve the well-being of the tenants and enhance their life balance – ensures Maria Bubak. 


Considering the point of view of my company, the fact of make the building available on the 35th floor of WTT to the tenants is an interesting proposition. The possibility of organizing not so common business meetings on the last floor of the highest skyscraper in Warsaw without leaving it is a very interesting perspective. Personally, I am very glad about the fact that so many changes occured in the catering part, which open WTT on people who have not benefitted from the common zones so far – judges Elżbieta Con from Altkom S.A. company, hiring area in WWT.


Warsaw Trade Tower, which is located at Chłodna 51 Street in close proximity to the crossroads of Towarowa Street and Solidarności Avenue, is the third largest office in the East-Central Europe. The building owns ca. 42 000 sq. m of office class A on 39 office floors. Moreover, two additional warehouse floors are located above them. The tenants may benefit from 300 parking places in the underground garage, 11 elevators with the speed of 7 metres per second, and many other service points, such as: canteen, cafe, baker's, dry cleaner's, courier's services and bilingual kindergarden.


There are such companies among the tenants of Warsaw Trade Tower as: AXA, MSD, Altkom, Azoty Group, American Express, BP, Mattel and Dago. The owner of the investment is Warsaw Trade Tower 2 Sp. z o.o., whereas the manager – Apollo-Rida Poland Sp. z o.o. 

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