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ParkClub - night visualization
View at ParkClub from Błonia Krakowskie
ParkClub investment, which is being realized in the neighborhood of Oleandry - Józef Piłsudski House, will deliver a new office area in Cracow at the end of 2016.

The new structure is being realized by Prestige Property Group and it will be built in place of an office in which there was a former registered office of PETROINFORM.NET. company. The demolishing works started at the beginning of 2014. Initially, they were stopped due to formal and law regulations, but they started again in December. At present, the demolishment has just eneded and the investor is in the process of selecting a general contractor.


ParkClub, a 10-tier building, will offer ca. 6200 sq. m of modern office space intended for letting. The minimal area of the office will reach ca. 360 sq. m and Knight Frank company will be responsible for the commercialization. The negotations are currently being conducted between the investor and potential tenants, that is i.a. an international design studio which is interested in occupying ca. 700 sq. m.


The office class A will be located in close neighborhood of the public communication stop, in opposition to Błonia Krakowskie. It will be equipped with i.a. air-conditioning with air softening, wide entrance lobby and canteen on the ground floor, places for bicycles in the garage part as well as a 3-tier underground garage, sanitary unit on each tier of the office, separate entrances to the office and residential part of the building. The work comfort will be provided to the future tenants by technical devices which guarantee receiving ecological certificates and maximal lighting of the area.


Cracow nsMoon Studio is responsible for the architectural project. The building is also characterized by elevations in the form of large glazing quite skewed from the vertical in a harmonious set with non-transclucent elements with the same divisions. The complete elements dominate in the nothern elevation and they are proportionally decreased on western and eastern elevations and there is only a glazed part in elevation arches at the front. Moreover, some of glass elements of the facade have screen printings which together create an intended picture on the elevation. Additionally, incisions in the solid with the shape of a precinct's fragments refer to the building located at Oleandry 1 (Rotunda) Street. The material of external walls, that is glazing, which is mostly applied in the bigger part from southern side on tiers with office and service function, causes a transparency of the solid as a finalization of a frontage at 3 Maja Street just in front of Jordan Park – says Marcin Żurek from Prestige Property Group. 


The cost of the investment's realization will total ca. 50 million zlotys. According to schedule, ParkClub should be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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