Tischnera Office: A New Tenant Leases Space

Tischnera Office, source: partner's press materials
Tischnera Office Krakow
Sabre Poland has officially changed a head office and thus become a new tenant at Tischnera Office.

Sabre company operates in the software industry for the touristic sector. It hires over 1500 employees. This is one of the largest employers in the IT industry in Krakow.

Krakow Office Building With Lots Of Green Zones

Sabre Poland occupies five and a half out of ten tiers at Tischnera Office. Managing Director, Sebastian Drzewiecki, points out that the building provides excellent conditions for work, growth and innovations. The office building will hold over 1500 employees and the team can be expanded by even 2000 people.

Tischnera Office is one of the largest office buildings in Krakow. The investment delivers nearly 34 thousand sqm. This is also one of the greenest buildings in the city. Cavatina Holding has green terraces and a patio; the green areas cover ca. 2.6 thousand sqm. The office with lots of green areas and unique architecture was awarded in the Prime Property Prize 2019 competition and received a title of the Office Investment of the Year in Poland.

Tischnera Office: 16 Thousand Sqm For Sabre Poland

Sabre Poland occupies ca. 16 thousand sqm of the entire office building and 4 green terraces of total space amounting to ca. 1.4 thousand sqm. The signage of the lease contract is perceived as one of the largest lease transactions in recent years on the Krakow office market. The contract was signed in March 2019 and the first day at work for the employees of Sabre Poland was on February 10, 2020.


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