Bonarka For Business: Important Stage

Bonarka for Business: Visualization
Bonarka for Business: Visualization
One of the most popular office complexes in Krakow, Bonarka for Business, enters a crucial stage in the project implementation. Building H, eighth element of B4B, reaches the highest construction point.

Construction works on the office class A of the size amounting to 10 000 sqm have been carried out since the beginning of 2018. As simultaneous works and current works are progressing very well, the office will be probably commissioned in Q2 2019. At this stage of construction, the investment has been awarded the BREEAM certificate at the Very Good level. The building will be connected with the office I, which is ready for implementation.


The completion of the new building is the next step in implementation of our main goal, i.e. preparation of new investments class A for the Krakow’s office market. In 2018, the activity of tenants in Poland maintained at the high level; after the very good beginning of the year, the vacancy rate in Krakow at the end of Q2 2018 amounted to 9%. Thereby, we deeply believe that the capital of Little Poland will be growing and we’re continuing development of B4B complex by implementing two new office buildings – says Beata Kokeli, Asset Management Director and Managing Director at TriGranit Poland.


The final construction stages of the complex are currently in progress. They include erection of the office buildings I and J. Each of them will be of size amounting to 10 000 sqm. The beginning of construction works is envisaged for the years 2019 and 2020. The total space of this major complex of TriGranit will amount to ca. 95 000 sqm.

TriGranit executed its next investment in Katowice due to beneficial economic conditions and active lease market in Poland. The total space of the Silesia for Business complex will amount to 40 000 sqm. Its construction starts in the upcoming year. The company is also building the Millenium Gardens office complex of the size amounting to 37 000 sqm in Bucharest. The conducted works and the execution plans make that the total size of office space offered by TriGranit will amount to over 107 000 sqm in three countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


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