Demolition of Skeletor in Wrocław

Unfinished office at Bielany Junction, pic Tomasz Hołod, source:
Unfinished office at Bielany Junction, pic Tomasz Hołod, source:
A demolition of an unfinished for 30 years office has just started at Bielany Junction in Wrocław. A new structure will arise in place of a former building. Unfortunately, we do not know when...

Skeletor, which is located in close proximity to Kobierzycka Street, is well noticeable from Karkonoska Avenue and from exit to Bielany Junction. The building was founded in the 70s and it was intended for an agricultural business. The company went bankrupt, leaving unfinished structure. The investment changed its owners once or twice and now the group of other investors (including a known Wrocław businessman Marcin Saracen, represented by Ultranet company) is going to demolish the structure and build a 12-floor office in place of it. The works have already started and they should last a couple of months. However, the new investment is still open to question.


The construction of the office is depended on the building of a fragment of an eastern bypass in Wrocław from Żerniki to Bielany and exit to Karkonoska Avenue. It is about making the access to our structure from Karkonoska easier – informed Maciej Czerkawski, chairman in Ultranet company, in Gazeta Wrocławska. – We know that City Hall has already agreed to finance the fragment of a road passing through Wrocław. We hope that the road will be built soon.


The magistracy and marshal office have already signed an agreement concerning financing of the road, however, the fragment of the eastern bypass from Żerniki to Bielany does not have a chosen passage. The road is supposed to partially run through Wysoka and inhabitants of the village do not want to agree on it. Theoretically, Dolnośląska Służba Dróg i Kolei could sign a tender for a building in autumn 2015 and the road would be ready in 2018. However, we expect some appeals against the environmental decision. It may delay the proceeding by two or three years – said Leszek Loch, chairman in DSDiK.

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