Look how „I LOVE WARSAW” writing was made

Warsaw Spire
Warsaw Spire
The sky above Warsaw has been illuminated by a colorful „I LOVE WARSAW” writing for several weeks. It is situated 140 meters above the ground. What materials were used to make it and how did the preparation and installation look like?

According to assumptions of the investor as well as Sztuka w Mieście Foundation, the illuminating writing is supposed to create a public area for inhabitants which will be brightened by light and color. In order to make this installation, we put all our energy into it, starting from a project and ending with its realization. We hope that thousands of lights which supply the writing in energy every day, will also deliver it to the city and inhabitants of Warsaw. Moreover, we are very glad that there are more and more neon signs and lighting projects are being situated and that our installation on Warsaw Spire became inspiration for us and a role model for others – comments Malwina Pawłowska from Sztuka w Mieście Foundation.


The biggest challenge for us was the montage of the writing on the height of 140 meters above the ground and unfavorable weather conditions – wind, temperature reaching -25°C and ice covering the walls of Warsaw Spire and scaffolding.


„I LOVE WARSAW” neon sign is 10 meter high and 25 meter long. Moreover, each letter is 3 meter high. The writing with a heart flickering in different colors occupies 3 tiers of the building and it is powered by over 9000 LED diodes consuming 2500 W of energy. The total length of electrical cables, which support the activity of the neon, amounts to 200 mb.


We would like to present a movie below, in which the process of preparation and installation of „I LOVE WARSAW" writing is showed. The author of the music to the clip is Minu – Dominik Buczkowski, a producer, multiinstrumentalist and member of Young Stadium Club band. Sztuka w Mieście Foundation supports his development. Underwater is the first single of the artist.


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