Comarch completes the construction in Cracow

The building of an office and administrative SSE6 structure will have been completed by the end of June this year.

At present, the finishing works are being conducted in SSE6 – a building which is owned by Comarch. The investment started in 2013 and it will deliver ca. 11 700 sq. m of office and administrative space. The administrative part will be located on three floors around the staircase corpus in the central place. The office part, in turn, was designed as a two-level solid floating in the form of a bridge on the service part. The plans concerning the area in SSE6 were drawn up with an easy arrangement and free division of space. The access to both parts will be possible by a main entrance hall. Furthermore, independent and dedicated staircases will lead to each of them. The building will also include a group of conference halls.


SSE6 will be a typical office structure with a modern Data Center. Moreover, there will be a technological laboratory with a production hall in the building. They will enable development and prototyping of new products and production of low-serial modules and electronic devices based on modern technologies.


The site development around the building is currently being conducted along with the outside works. The SSE6 building is being realized in the Cracow-Czyżyny Special Economic Zone. Its main architect is Architecture Studio Jose Casquet in cooperation with Buro Happold. The building of SSE6 will be completed at the end of June this year.


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