Oberthur Technologies opens an office in Łódź

One of the world leaders in safety of mobile IT systems is opening a research and development center in Łódź.

Oberthur Technologies is a next big company which decided to open an office in Łódź. Earlier, such companies as Airbus Helicopters, South Western and UPS expressed their wishes to do the same. As a target, 100 computer programmers will find employment in the research and development center located in Łódź.


Oberthur Technologies is an international company functioning on the market of IT solutions which provide safety of mobile systems – that is payment cards, SIM cards, mobile payments and other solutions. It is a company from the industry we deal with every day because it is engaged in safety of payments and electronic devices. I am glad that Oberthur Technologies is going to create a job offer for graduates from our universities – pointed out vice-chairman in Łódź – Marek Cieślak.


First and foremost, engineer programmers are going to find a job there – but it will not be only limited to them. The company is currently recruiting and inviting IT experts who know mainly the Java or Scala programming languages. Except for them – analysts, testers, enthusiasts of mobile payments and IT world are in demand. According to representatives in Oberthur Technologies – the company is not looking for a cheap labor but it is building the R&D center from scratch. Therefore, it is searching for people who would like to participate in crucial projects.


We believe that Łódź is a perfect place to establish a new R&D center. It is a good academic center, many IT companies and thus a friendly environment to run such kind of activity – says Adam Federowicz, chairman in Oberthur Technologies R&D. – We would like to establish a company which will be professionally engaged in creation of innovative solutions with a crucial impact on the functioning of a digital world – adds Federowicz.


Oberthur Technologies delivers payment solutions to over 2000 banks and over 400 telecommunications operators as well as leading producers of consumer electronics and car industry. It services clients in over 140 countries and hires over 6000 employees all over the world. The offices of the Polish department of Oberthur Technologies are located in Kobyłka near Warsaw and also in Łódź.


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