Buma Factory performs a new elevation of Warszawa Centralna railway station

Warszawa Centralna railway station - visualization of a new elevation
Warszawa Centralna railway station - visualization of a new elevation
PKP signed an agreement with a contractor who is going to replace a glass elevation in the Warszawa Centralna railway station. The investment will be conducted by Buma Factory 1 Sp. z o.o.

The works conducted by a partnership owned by Buma Group will be realized in the „design and build” formula. It means that in the first instance the contractor will be engaged in designing an executive design and then he will start construction works.


The materials with much better heat isolation parameters will be applied while replacing the glass elevation. It will allow to keep the heat in the railway station in the winter period. Therefore, the comfort of travelers who use the structure will be much higher. Moreover, the costs of the building’s maintenance will be definitely reduced – comments Grzegorz Tomaszewski, Managing Director for Properties in PKP SA.


The part of the pavement along the building’s elevation will be fenced. The conducted works will be related to a temporary exclusion of certain fragments of the main hall and exclusion of some thresholds in front of front doors to the railway station in the main hall. The commission of the investment is planned on the fourth quarter of 2015. Its cost will amount to ca. 8,4 million zlotys and it will be covered from means of the government budget and own funds of PKP SA.


The replacement of the glass elevation constitutes one of many projects which are being realized by PKP in order to insulate the Warszawa Centralna railway station. The works related to thermal isolation of a flat roof were completed in March this year. Furthermore, the heating system will be installed in the main hall this year.


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