Poland Business Run Rehabilitation Center In Krakow

(pic pixabay.com)
(pic pixabay.com)
Poland Business Run Foundation has just signed a contract with BUMA Group. The developer has facilitated two premises at Odrzańskiej Street, where a new Rehabilitation Center will be located.

Poland Business Run Foundation is known for organizing the largest annual charitable relay in Poland. The money collected on this occasion will be intended for aiding amputees. In the new Rehabilitation Center, persons with locomotory disabilities will receive necessary physical help and psychological support. This will be the first such place in Poland. It will be probably launched in two Krakow premises, which were facilitated to Poland Business Run Foundation by BUMA Group for free. In the newly opened center, the beneficiaries of the Foundation will learn how to take first steps with prosthesis. Moreover, the inhabitants of Krakow will be able to attend consultations meetings. Experts with experience in working with amputees will gather under one roof in the Krakow center.

The patients will benefit from the expert knowledge in such fields as orthopedics, diabetology, dietetics, psychology and psychotraumatology. A complex rehabilitation, including effective sensory therapy, will be also offered. Poland Business Run Foundation plans to establish a team in the Analysis and Research Department which will specialize in gathering data and testing solutions in the area of care and orthopedic equipment. The disabled will receive psychological support which will allow them a professional and social activation.

Our goal is to create one place which gathers a qualified and experienced team of experts who will help patients and train other doctors and rehabilitators to work with amputees. The center will have necessary rehabilitation equipment, USG apparatus and computers with special software. We really hope that we will be able to launch this center in spring when we will find other partners engaged in finishing and equipment – says Agnieszka Pleti, Chairman of Poland Business Run Foundation.

Poland Business Run Foundation has been organizing charitable events for some time. The means are intended for equipment of the center.

We are very glad that we could help amputees for the second year running. This time, we are not only a sponsor of the run but we also support Poland Business Run Foundation in the opening of this new Rehabilitation Center. We know that Krakow, a place where we concentrate our developer activity, has no place which could offer a complex help to the disabled. Therefore, we are very pleased that we could support this good cause – says Konrad Dziewoński, Chairman of BUMA Group.


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