Outsourcing of mechanical engineering in OBC

Sii in Olivia Business Center
Sii in Olivia Business Center
Gdańsk department of Sii, which has been realizing IT projects so far, extends the profile of its activity by a mechanical brand. At present, the outsourcing of mechanical engineering in Poland is debuting.

The Sii company has been functioning on the global market of outsourcing and in the area of IT and new technologies for many years. Its Gdańsk department, which is located in the Olivia Business Center complex, has been successively extending the scope of offered services by such industries as robotics or automatics. The enterprise has recently entered the area of mechanical engineering and pneumatics.


Outsourcing of mechanical engineering is a new phenomenon in Poland in spite of the fact that this trend has been already functioning quite dynamically in Western Europe. The Sii company made a decision about development of services in that direction in Gdańsk and it became one of not numerous organizations in Poland with such a profile. We are staying current with demands of business and we are adjusting ourselves to expectations of our partners who more and more often report to us with a question about support at projects of mechanical engineering – comments Michael Desmurs, Director in Sii Gdańsk.


Adam Torebko, Mechanical Engineering Manager in Sii, talks about a newly founded trend in mechanical engineering which induced Gdańsk Sii to expansion: Production factories have to concentrate more on their main business aims, processes and human resources. Therefore, they start to search for support from the outside – mainly to save some time and money – while maintaining a high quality. It is worth pointing out that the work of a mechanical engineer in outsourcing company is attractive due to diversity of projects which may be realized in many different industries. Our experts are currently realizing designs for clients all over the world – starting with USA, through Brazil, India, and China – adds Adam Torebko.


Sii is starting a cooperation with Tricity universities within development of mechanical engineering. First and foremost, we want to support students from technical universities by offering them some internships in our business partners. My personal dream is that engineers could write engineering or master’s theses while making different projects with our clients. The benefits will be noticeable for students as well as Sii which will have a chance to educate a potential and competent employee – explains Mechanical Engineering Manager in Sii.  


Sii aims at specialization in industrial and conceptual designing. Moreover, it develops and integrates mechanical systems. The engineers in Sii are responsible for implementation of solutions in factories and manufacturing plants which are spread all over the world. Sii hires over 2000 employees in 8 departments in the whole Poland. The company is a leading deliverer of IT services and industrial engineering. The department in Gdańsk holds over 550 experts. Furthermore, the Tricity team will have included 700 people till the end of 2015.


The department of Sii in Gdańsk is located in Olivia Business Center. Apart from the most modern offices, OBC also offers i.a. 3 independent conference halls, entrepreneurship incubator with instant offices, kindergarten, nursery, Medicover medical center, chemist's, restaurant, Starbucks café, sushi bar, shop, hair salon, 3 banks, cash machine, Energa sales salon and notary. Moreover, the opening of the next restaurant is planned in the nearest future. The center has a great number of parking places – also free ones, and changing-rooms for bicyclists.


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