Ghelamco issues bonds

Ghelamco is planning an issue of bonds. Their total value may amount to even 1 million zlotys.

The management board of the Ghelamco partnership informed that the issue of PE bonds within the Third Public Bond Issuance Program is planned in accordance with the resolution adopted on 27th April 2015. The maximal value of PE bonds will amount to 100 000 000 zlotys, whereas the final value of issue has been not settled yet. The management board of Ghelamco notified that the information about issued bonds, including their total face value, will be passed in form of a current report right after registration of bonds in the depository for securities which is run by the National Depository for Securities.


Ghelamco Poland is one of the biggest companies on the commercial property market in Poland. As an investor, developer and general contractor, the partnership has delivered over 600 000 sq. m of modern office and warehouse space for 24 years. Moreover, the sales volume of realized designs exceeds 1,2 billion euro. The company is also entering the commercial property market and it is active in the sector of residential premises under the brand Ghelamco Residential. The major investment of the company which is currently being realized is the Warsaw Spire office complex.


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