Art Branding: The Marriage Of Art And Commercial Space

Apartments No. 44 Luxury Rental: Works of art (collection selected by Aurabilia)
Works of art increasingly dominate the commercial space. Why? What is their impact on corporate image?

Art Branding

Companies tend to use art while building their corporate image. Art is thereby treated not only as a decoration for an office or main hall. All actions related to promotion of any brand by a broadly understood art are called art branding. It’s worth pointing out that this combination of art with business brings benefits to both sides. This is the reason for increasing presence of art in corporate interiors. Art is no longer understood as a decoration but it’s treated as a functional tool that helps to achieve strategic goals, including the communicational ones. Hence, art in interior design goes beyond “I like it/I don’t like it” and it’s analyzed in respect of fulfilling certain assumptions. The most important goal formulated by managers of commercial properties or their owners is giving your investment a unique and distinguishing line – explains Beata Niemczuk, Aurabilia, Art Consulting Company. The world of business opens up to art as it’s a way for creating a peculiar image of your brand; the one that appreciates aesthetics, quality, innovativeness or creativity and that is aimed at employees. The example is common space in modern office buildings. The presence of artworks in such places helps to integrate people and companies that work in a given office and builds their identity. There is something more. As Beata Niemczuk claims, art becomes a perfect tool for increasing the value of your investment. In case of premium investments, it becomes a key element of the whole project.

How To Introduce Art To Commercial Space?

Many people associate art branding with large and rich brands whereas smaller companies also promote themselves through art. Works of art can be adjusted to the specific nature of the organization. As Beata Niemczuk points out, we can introduce art in any medium and register to existing space relatively easy. It can be a sculpture or different spacious form, painting and graphic made by a young author or renowned artist. We can choose art in respect of subject field. It allows for a controlled building of unique message. A nuanced message concerning a property can be formulated by non-standard formats around art such as competitions, temporary exhibitions or creative workshops. Shopping malls and common parts in office buildings are often places where various cultural events are organized and works of art are also present in commercial buildings. The example is Bobrowiecka 8. In accordance with the authorial concept of culture and in cooperation with Starak Foundation, interiors of this building, courtyards and the Garden of Art are filled with works of young Polish artists. Another example is an exterior gallery “Art Walk” that operates within European Square at Warsaw Spire. Art Walk is a specially designed construction for all-year exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and artistic installations. The exhibition passage was launched in May 2016 by Ghelamco Poland and Art in the City Foundation.


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